Virgin Media are building a Superfast Fibre Network in Test and Dun Valleys

After three years of a lot of hard work by local champions, superfast broadband is now coming to a number of villages in the Test and Dun Valleys, via a brand new FTTP network being built by Virgin Media.


A major milestone in the quest for superfast broadband in the Test and Dun Valleys has been reached – the first two villages of 12 are now live!

Virgin Media’s new superfast broadband network is now live in Chilbolton and Goodworth Clatford and residents in the villages are able to take out a contract with Virgin Media (VM) for their services.

An open evening was held on Tuesday 4th September in Chilbolton Village Hall. This was hugely successful and attended by many. They will be returning to Chilbolton Village Hall on Saturday the 22nd September from 10am to 2pm. VM will be hosting similar events in each village as they are released.

The VM reps have also moved onto Goodworth Clatford. They were unable to secure a venue for an open evening, so will be door knocking. Should they manage to book a suitable venue in the village it will be advertised on Facebook and this website.

Working with Virgin Media, we have put together some information about how the sales and installation process will work which you can find here.

In the meantime both the TVNeed4Speed FB page and website will keep you updated with the progress of the rest of the network build.

If you have any further questions, having read the information, please contact wtbbg@tvneed4speed.co.uk and we will endeavour to answer them.

Latest Status of Build

Phase I:

Over 1,000 homes have now been passed by Virgin Media as they progress with the building of the superfast broadband network in the Test and Dun Valleys. Goodworth Clatford is set to go live any moment.

Virgin Media hope to release Stockbridge and Kings Somborne for sign up in September. The Wherwell network is currently being built and work has started in the final villages of Phase 1 – Michelmersh and Timsbury.

Phase II:

Virgin Media has now met with most landowners on the trunk route between Stockbridge and West Tytherley, who have been incredibly accommodating and generous, all agreeing to allow VM to cross their land with the trunk route. The TVNeed4Speed team is very grateful to them all and for their support in this community project.

We will keep this site and the Facebook page updated over the coming weeks and months.

If you have not already signed up, you will be able to enter your contact details by visiting the Virgin Media website and entering your postcode. If you are included in the current plans, you will see the following screen and message:

You can then enter your contact details to enable Virgin Media to keep you updated on when the service becomes available. Signing up does not commit you to taking the service. At the bottom of the page you will see a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and responses.

If your village or postcode is not included in the current build, you can fill in your details for Virgin Media to be in contact with you, should they decide to expand the network into your area. It is important to note that expansion of the network is dependent on two factors, a) the number of households in Phase 1 and 2 that choose to take up the service once they go live and b) the demand shown by any given additional area/village. To demonstrate this demand you need to register on the Virgin Media postcode checker.


And finally…

  • We will keep our website updated with all the latest information. It is always worth checking the website on a regular basis.
  • You may hear information on this project from other sources, but if it doesn’t appear on this website (or issued directly by Virgin Media) then bear in mind it may not be authentic.
  • A new tab has been created on this website entitled “VM News”. All statements and information issued by VM on this project can now be found at this location.