Virgin Media are building a Superfast Fibre Network in Test and Dun Valleys

After three years of a lot of hard work by local champions, superfast broadband is now coming to a number of villages in the Test and Dun Valleys, via a brand new FTTP network being built by Virgin Media.


First Test and Dun Valleys’ villagers able to experience ultrafast broadband speeds

Ultrafast broadband now available to around 640 premises
Offering broadband speeds up to 362Mbps
First resident connected and has helped revolutionise her family’s life

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Working with Virgin Media, we have put together some information about how the sales and installation process will work which you can find here.

Please remember, all Test and Dun Valley residents who choose to take up the Virgin Media service will be required to pay a £300 network installation fee at the point they take out the service.

Forthcoming Sales Events

The Virgin Media (VM) sales teams* will be coming to Michelmersh & Timsbury so that residents and businesses can hear about the various different offerings that VM have for broadband, phone and or TV.

Friday 25th January 2019 6pm – 8pm in the Jubilee Hall, Timsbury

*The VM sales team for the Test and Dun Valleys are: Steven Fear, Gareth Duggan, John McNally, Hari Panthin, Constantin Pails, Martyn Faulks (Manager)

Those resident in villages which have alrady gone live, who may have missed similar in events in their own village, are also welcome to attend.

Just a reminder: Due to the Test and Dun Valley VM network being a pilot program, it is not possible to take out a VM contract over the phone or internet.; residents and business owners need to meet with a VM sales rep in person to take up the service. This can be done in two ways, either by attending one of these meetings or by arranging for one of the sales reps to come to your home or business to discuss the options. The VM reps will be visiting each house and, if no one is home, they will leave a contact number for people to call to be able to make an appointment.

The remaining villages of Houghton, Broughton, West Tytherley, Winterslow and Firsdown will be going live in 2019 so keep checking this page for progress.

Build Status

All phase 1 villages are now live. The following table summarises the estimated “Go Live” dates for Phase 2.


Update on Broadband for West Tytherley

Following on from various requests from residents we thought it would be helpful if the WTBB group provided a brief update on broadband for the village:

Virgin Media:

The VM network is being built as we speak and all Phase 1 villages havealready gone live.

VM are in the process of finishing laying the ducting between Broughton and West Tytherley, so that WT can be linked up quickly once it and Broughton are built.

WT will go live in the 3rd quarter next year. More details on the packages offered by VM can be found at www.virginmedia.com

BT/Other Providers

As you may have noticed BT have apparently been laying fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) outside the church. This will be coming from the Lockerly Cabinet where there is already fibre available.

As you will be aware FTTC IS an improvement on what the village has now and was promised to us by BT by the end of 2018. FTTC provides greater speeds, but they are still delivered over the original copper cabling that supplies each of our homes. This means that the speeds are affected by deteriorating copper cables, the weather and of course distance. The further you are from the cabinet, the less speed you will receive.

There has also been talk of some properties being offered Fibre To The Property (FTTP) by BT. While a very few properties may have FTTP via BT ducting, we suspect that the majority of it will come in over poles rather than in the ground. The fibre obviously does not deteriorate nor is it effected by weather or distance.

It is not clear exactly who in the village will be offered what by BT, but if you want to know what you might be able to get or the status of your house in their plans then we recommend that you go to www.BTopenreach.co.uk and click on the Fibre First link on the home page. You are then asked to enter your postcode etc.

What does all this mean for the residents of West Tytherley and Frenchmoor?

  • Given that BT is upgrading its service to the village, residents may well be offered a new BT contract with improved broadband services (usually, this would be for a minimum of 2 years).
  • The decision to renew such a contract is obviously entirely at the resident’s discretion.
  • Given that VM services will be available in less than a year in the village, it might be worth waiting before renewing any broadband contracts until the VM network is built and live. That way a proper comparison between the two providers can be made and an informed decision reached.

And Finally…

  • We will keep our website updated with all the latest information. It is always worth checking the website on a regular basis.
  • You may hear information on this project from other sources, but if it doesn’t appear on this website (or issued directly by Virgin Media) then bear in mind it may not be authentic.
  • A new tab has been created on this website entitled “VM News”. All statements and information issued by VM on this project can now be found at this location.
  • If you have any further questions, having read the information, please contact wtbbg@tvneed4speed.co.uk and we will endeavour to answer them.