Virgin Media are building a Superfast Fibre Network in Test and Dun Valleys

After three years of a lot of hard work by local champions, superfast broadband has now come to a number of villages in the Test and Dun Valleys, via a brand new FTTP network being built by Virgin Media.

All Phase 1 Villages and most of Phase 2 are now live !!

First Test and Dun Valleys’ villagers able to experience ultrafast broadband speeds

Virgin Media offers broadband speeds up to 362Mbps
First resident connected and has helped revolutionise her family’s life

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Working with Virgin Media, we have put together some information about how the sales and installation process will work which you can find here.

Please remember, all Test and Dun Valley residents who choose to take up the Virgin Media service will now no longer be required to pay a £300 network installation fee at the point they take out the service. People that have already paid this fee have now been refunded.

Signing Up

Village meetings have now been held in all Phase 1 and Phase 2 villages.

As villages go live, VM reps will be visiting each house and, if no one is home, they will leave a contact number for people to call to be able to make an appointment.

Please note, in some instances you can now sign up for Virgin Media online or via their call centres. All villages have been audited and if the installation is deemed as being straightforward it has been opened up for general sales enquiries. Other premises that have long driveways (or obstacles) or other special situations such as listed buildings will still require a home visit to assess the installation requirements. If a home visit is required you will be asked for your address details and contact numbers and someone will be in touch.

Go online at www.virginmedia.com or call 0345 454 1111

Residents of Firsdown and West Winterslow will be able to take up Virgin Media services by the week commencing Monday November 25th, if they so wish. 

To do so contact Steve Fear at Virgin Media: 0773 7273 170

Build Status

The Phase 2 build is nearing completion. Winterslow and Firsdown builds will be completed by the end of the year.


Any Virgin Media Customers  in the Test Valley, who are having issues/problems with their service are advised to send an email to Ed Wicks, the VM Community Liaison Officer. Ed has been tasked with coordinating any post-install problems in the Test Valley. He can be reached on edward.wicks@virginmedia.co.uk

Likewise if you have a poor experience dealing with the Virgin Media Customer Services, Ed would like to hear from you too.

As usual you can also contact the West Tytherley Broadband Group on wtbbg@tvneed4speed.co.uk, as WTBBG is still on a weekly call with Virgin Media about this project.

VM would also hope that residents have positive stories to share relating to their new broadband speeds and dealings with VM!


 If you work from home or have a small business and are interested in knowing more about Virgin Media’s Business Offering, this is now also available in the Test Valley.

Go on line  www.virginmediabusiness.co.uk

Live online chat with an Virgin Media representative

Or chat over Text, just text “chat” to  07481 342 872

Or call the contact centre on  0808 252 3779

And Finally…

  • We will keep our website updated with all the latest information. It is always worth checking the website on a regular basis.
  • If you have any further questions, having read the information, please contact wtbbg@tvneed4speed.co.uk and we will endeavour to answer them.
  • As the project is now coming to an end, this site and the associated FB page will be closed down – anticipate this being Christmas 2019 if not earlier.